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    I have a Samsung 8500 flip-phone from SprintPCS... what I like about it is that it has 3 very loud alarms (the alarms are basically the incoming phone rings, which really wakes someone up because they think it's an important call).

    I was wondering how loud the alarms and/or rings are on the Treo. My Visor has such quiet alarms. If alarms are available on the Treo, is it built into the phone, or are you supposed to use one of those free clock programs, like BigClock?

    Thanks for any info.
    Alice Linden
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    The alarm on the Treo is much louder than the ones on the Visor. This oen can actually wake you up. It makes me a jumped a couple fo times that an unexpected alarm go is that loud. My Visor didnt do this.

    You can use the built-in alarm or you can download alaram such as GeekSounds. Interestingly enough, you can use Ringo from to create ringtones from the GeekSounds (free) alarm database.

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