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    Has anyone found a screen protector for the 180G yet? I've looked in some of the usual sources, and found some for the 180K, but not the 180G. In the meantime, I'm using the xacto knife and some old overlays, and I'd prefer something made to fit.
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    The Gageteer gave a good review to the G2 screen protector at Their site did not list the Treo as a supported PDA, so I wrote to them asking if they intended to offer one for the Treo.

    John Salazar wrote back saying that I was the first to ask about the Treo(180g), and if I would send him the dimensions of the screen area he would create a template for the graffiti Treo. I did that, and included a pic of the face of the Treo so he could see the shape, etc. I am now waiting to hear back from him.

    As soon as I do hear back I will post the news here.
    Bill Spencer
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    Funny, I had a similar exchange with Matthew Price, who has
    and wanted the dimensions, so I took some time and sent him the spec.
    For my trouble I got a thank you e-mail and the offer to sell me a set at regular price.
    Call me picky, but I thought he'd maybe say thank you with a sample.
    I hope you're lucky like that, not like me.

    Impatience makes you UGLY.

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