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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have experience with using their Treo with Canada's Fido Service network?

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    theres absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work. I would bet real money that treos work on fido.

    the important thing is that they MUST BE UNLOCKED. if you buy it for 700$ from rogers, it will be locked.

    also, fido has gprs rolled out, so as soon as the gprs update comes out for the treo, you will be set.

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    Mine works fine on Fido! Even CS for Dialup Data.
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    I have the Treo working with FIDO without any problems whatsoever. All you need to get everythign up and running is:

    1. Treo (obviously)
    2. An activated SIm (post paid)
    3. $5/mo data service (ask for it)
    4. Dialup ISP.
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    Hi Yardie,

    If I buy a rogers Treo (unactivated) then would it be locked? If so then what are my options...


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    You would need to contact Rogers and have them unlock the phone. It wont be an easy task especially fi you bought the phone with the $200 discount. They may want you to pay up to get the phone unlock regardless.

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