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    Ok, this is now all about call forwarding now, and I have an ***** question:

    How much does it cost? With voicestream, they say:
    From This page
    Call Forwarding
    Forwards your calls to any other phone you choose. This allows you to be reached when you're away from your VoiceStream phone or if you can't receive calls, but still want to receive messages.
    Note: Airtime rates apply. America Toll Free does not apply when using Call Forwarding. Calls forwarded to numbers outside the local calling area are charged long-distance rates.
    "Airtime Rates Apply"??? Does this mean that if I set my phone to forward to, say, my house, I get charged by the minute when somebody calls my cell phone number and it forwards to my house? Doesn't that seem wack? Can somebody please help me out with an explanation of how VS charges for call forwarding?
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    Yep, you are correct. VS charges minutes against your plan, ANY time a call connects with your switch, this is common among the bloodsucking telecoms.

    So, even though a call does not terminate across the air interface to your phone, it is using capacity in thier switch and associated trunk lines thus the charge.

    Just a general rant, is it me or has VS assimilation of Powertel ruined a great company. Just found out my new plan "Neighborhood 3000" includes free long distance, but only in the same calling area. Sure do miss those days of unlimited calls and no LD for $50.00
    At this rate, VS is making Verizon look good, and believe me, that's hard!
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