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    Quote Originally Posted by tnguy88 View Post
    I have both google voice and wave invites. Let me know if you want one.
    Sure .. I will PM you
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    gWave for gVoice got 22 invites
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    hey guys

    would like if someone gives me a gvoice invite. Thank u
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    Have both voice and wave invites. PM me if you want one.

    Update: Out of stock on Voice invites. Still have wave.
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    I just received one. I don't know who it was, but thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by djmcgee View Post
    I have 2 google voice invites, PM me and I'll share

    Now Sold out
    Thanks, I'm enjoying having G-Voice. This site is awesome and people like you make it better. Now I'm on a mission to find an Google Voice invite for my cousin, please if anyone is willing or has any they are willing to part with I'll pm you with the email. Thank you all for sharing with your invites. All of us who have been waiting are truly appreciative of you alls kidness.
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    does any one have an extra gvoice. would sure love one.
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    I'm in the same boat. Would very much appreciate a Google Voice invite.
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    If anyone has a spare google voice invite, I would greatly appreciate an invite.
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    i have a request for a google invite please.
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    I also would love a gvoice invite! I would say thank you and would mean it too.
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    does anyone have any google voice invites left, can i have it? ill give u an internet hug if u do
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    I have 2 google voice invites too. Personal message me with your email and it's your's. Dont forget to Thank me

    I'll give it to the first 2 messages.

    EDIT: I'm out of invites. Sending them to hiono and pinch55 right now
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    If anyone has any more google voice invites... I need one! ;( My phone is being overrun by business calls.
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    wow ran across this while surfing for a google invite search and have been waiting for an invite for about 3-6 months have an iphone and want to use it and have even created an gmail account that they said would help is if anyone else have one that they can share with me I would be such a happy camper! Thank you so very much. Not sure what the PM is on here so will give the email addy if there is one available.
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    Ive got one google voice invite left, pm me if you want it =)

    and ive got 5 invites for google wave if anyones interested
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    Hi sent you a PM if you still have the invites please check the box! Thanks
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    I would to like to have ene. Please
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    I would also love a google voice invite. I will give thnx as well you can email me at
    it wont let me post an email......
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    ok now it will
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