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    I've broken the screen of my visor edge; so I called the support departement in France and they answered that I have to pay around 150(133$) for repairs + 30(27$) for the shipment.

    This is the price of a new one!!!

    Is it possible to return to US my visor for repairs? I've seen it cost around $85 in US.


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    Another option is to buy the screen and do the repair yourself. I have heard it isn't very hard.
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    Hi Heberman,

    Do you know where I can buy the screen? I called the hotline in France but they don't want to sell the screen!

    Is there a company in US which sell spare parts for visor?

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    I didn't think 3rd party screen replacements for the Edge were available yet. doesn' t list any. I suppose if the Edge screens aren't any different electronically from the rest of the visor line, one of those screens might work. Given the form factor of the Edge though, I suspect it probably uses a different connector to the main board.
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    It seems all the visor glasses are same.

    I guess I will save money thanks to you.

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