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    Hi all,

    I went to VS from Sprint PCS and I have to say I am not impressed with their coverage. I went into the Brookstone Store at the mall, lost coverage.

    Last night ate in a restaurant called "Cheesecake Factory" put my phone on the table, and sure enough "red flashing light"

    With Sprint PCS it always worked inside stores and restaurants. I'm not able to say that about Voicestream/GSM. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Jeff in PHX
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    I think this is entirely a function of where you are and the carrier's "maturity" in that locale. I used to have Sprint in North Carolina and, to put it nicely, it sucked. The phone wouldn't work in half the rooms in my 1 story office building in the middle of an office park, nor in lots of other places I went. In contrast, Cingular GSM has worked everywhere I've been so far, including big buildings and tunnels in NYC (which was roaming on VS).

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    In my NYC office, I get 3 bars with VS. Someone else in my office says he gets no reception at all with Sprint.
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    This is simply a matter of cell tower placement. For example you get almost no Spring signal in my apartment, but full strength voicestream, even in the deepest of rooms. If I go to the other end of the building though, the roles are swapped. They use almost the same frequencies with the same transmission power so they should be the same as far as signal degredation. Sprint must just have towers closer to the buildings you go to.
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    I work in a larger tower building in central Phoenix and can get coverage in most areas but not in elevators or basement. When I had Sprint and Voicestream for a bit, I definitely had better coverage inside buildings with Voicestream, not Sprint.

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