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    title pretty much says it all. i usually drive with my cellphone earbud connected and in my ear and just hit a button to answer any incoming calls.

    with the treo, will i have to open the lid to answer a call or push one of the external buttons.

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    There is indeed a handy little button on the earbud wire to answer calls without opening the lid. You can also hang-up with the same button.

    It's worth noting that you can also dial speed-dial numbers and phonebook numbers with the lid closed using the jog-rocker on the side. Both functions are well done and quite useful.
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    About 1/3 of the time, when I try to answer calls with the earbud by pressing the button, the call goes to the handset speaker instead, causing much subsequent confusion on both ends . I haven't been able to isolate the circumstances that cause this, but it happens with both the Handspring earbud and a Plantronics one. Be forewarned...
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    Wow - I've used both the standard earbud and a Plantronics extensively and have never seen this problem...

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    ahc, sounds like you may have a faulty Treo. My earbud button wouldn't work at all. When I got the Treo replaced the button (still using my old earbud) now works as advertised.

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