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    Got the cradle this morning

    OnCradleOn doesn't seem to keep it on in the cradle
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    It may if you leave it open.

    seems like hacks that affect the On time seem to get odd with the treo, I'd advice against them for the most part. OnCradleOn has been known to cause the treo to emit a banshee wail, and AlwaysON causes it to alwaysOFF.
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    Dietrichbohn, sorry to correct you but I don't think OnCradleOn is the source of the wailing. See this thread for details...

    I have OnCradleOn and it works fine for me with lid open or closed.

    It does take a while longer for it to fully charge.

    Couple of thoughts:
    1) You have to make sure the checkbox "Stay on in Cradle" is selected when you start OnCradleOn. Dumb question but did you do that?
    2) If you turn off the Treo with the button or by closing the lid, it stays off. When you turn it on, it stays on.
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    Now it seems to be working. Hmm... May be a bad connection with the power adaptor?

    Anyway, works now!

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