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    Can anyone guide me in a good hands free car kit for my TREO. If one is not available, I would settle for a good mount \ wireless headset combo.

    Any Suggestions?
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    I need one too. Let's let each other know if we find one.

    I would like to know if anyone has seen a wiring diagram of the two sockets on the Treo.

    Perhaps we can make our own.

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    You can get the pin outs and everything else on the Treo by downloading the design specs from Handspring's site. Just look around, and I'm sure you'll find it.

    That said, good luck to you. Me, I'll just wait until something is designed and made by an actual manufacturer... something that won't look cobbled together from an inventor's junk drawer. ;-) Then again, I couldn't make one if you paid me, so there you go.

    As for mounts, I'm looking for one as well. If I find one I like, I'll post a note about it.

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    I've got a motorola kit that I don't mind playing with, does anyone know where to source the treo specific connector?

    I'm pondering using a simple kit cobbled together from the mic jack, but I'd love to use the treo connector if possible.
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    A 59 page guide is available under Developers stuff at Handspring site.

    Talk about cobbled together, I have my Treo attached to my dash with Velcro. I have wired the earphone wires to a cassette adapter made for a CD player. The sound is terrific, BUT I can not listen to my radio while awaiting incoming calls! A standalone amplifier is probably what is called for.

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    I've posted my final solution for a car mount in another thread (in Accessories, where it should be):

    I've also posted my final solution for a headset in the Treo 180 forum:

    For me, these two solutions are enough for now. That said, if a great hands free kit (with amplified speaker and a good microphone) comes out for a reasonable price, I'll probably want it, if only so I'm not having to put on the headset all the time.

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