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    So, I'm checking my bill online and I see a banner ad that read: "Get Free Wireless Internet"

    In my head, I'm thinking lifetime Wireless Internet access.

    I rush to call Cingular right away and the support rep has no clue what I'm talking about. I push her to just check her "system" to see if she can add that promotion to my account. No luck.

    She gets her manager involved and after about 45 minutes, the rep says that the free promotion is only for two months. I tell her to go read the web page and tell me where it says two months.

    I speak to the manager and re-explain everything.

    She eventually concedes by saying that the promotion ad is not written correctly and offers me the two month free "Wireless Internet" plus $15 credit for my time on the phone.

    Perhaps someone else can try? If no lucky, then at least you get two months free on the Wireless Internet.

    On another much more positive note for the Cingular left coasters:
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    From Cingular I also got the 1st 2 months of Wireless Internet for free. The customer service person said they're running a special.
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    Is it faster than using your isp acct on the treo (reportedly kinda slow)?
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    Using the MyWirelessWindow connection for Cingular that is automatically established when you run Configure My Treo now, there are a few benfits I have seen:

    1) I was successfully connecting to Earthlink via dialup maybe 1 try in 4. I can connect to MyWirelessWindow 9 out of 10 tries.
    2) It took about 45 seconds on average to connect to Earthlink. Takes 13-17 seconds every time with MyWirelessWindow.
    3) Actual browsing performance *may* be a little better on MyWirelessWindow - seems to be - but not earthshattering.

    But the big win for me has been reliable connections that take about as long to connect as on a WAP phone.

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    I concur with Paul Penny's improvements on speeds (sign on speed, data transfer speeds) out here in Cali.

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