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    Ok, so I've looked at the BugMe! source... the only time we don't do an automatic switch to the keyboard is when Jot is installed on the device. I seem to recall that this was necessary to get Jot and BugMe! working a little bit better together... otherwise Jot users can never scribble on BugMe!

    So, do you folks with the keyboard 'problem' also have Jot installed?

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    Yep - Jot installed, yep, have the "feature"...

    That explains it - thanks for figuring it out.
    Any chance that behavior can be a config option in the future?

    By the way - I bought Jot as soon as I got my treo 180 because I thought I would go into graffiti withdrawal. I have had it 5 weeks and have used it precisely ZERO. The thumboard rocks. So maybe I'll just take it off... But I like the "security blanket" feeling I get with it on there...

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    Jot gone..... BugME back! Yippeee!

    Thanks for helping to figure this out. Paul, I'm the same as you regarding the keyboard. It does rock and certainly helped my migration from the PocketPC.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    The keyboard solution addresses my concern about the hassle of pulling out the stylus for a quick note. It's easier than using the Memopad or Wordsmith for that purpose. I'm putting BugMe back on my far-right button for easy access.
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