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    i'm a visor owner and cellphone user who will most likely get the 270 when it comes out ... BUT! can anybody answer this?

    as a long-time heavy cellphone user, i know that when my battery runs down, i'm not always somewhere where i can plug the phone and recharge. that's why i always buy a couple of spare batteries and carry at least one of them with me. battery runs down, i pop it out and pop in a fresh one -- ba da bing, ba da boom -- no downtime. and of course, if you have extra batteries, you've got to have a desktop charger that will charge the batteries (without the phone attached) so you can always have your phone with you and keep spare batteries charged.

    it seems to me that this would be especially important with the reportedly mediocre battery performance on the treo.

    as i look around at their accessories and read discussion groups, i don't see or hear any mention of this capability for the treo. it seems like the rechargeable battery is built into the phone and not easily changed. this means that if my battery is just about dead and i'm about to go out i have to either carry the useless phone with the dead battery or plug it in, leave it at home and, therefore, it is equally useless.

    i don't like/trust the handmade, slapped together portable charger mentioned earlier in the discussion.

    anyone have any experience with or comments about this?
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    Well, if you are "going out" by car (or boat) you can get the 12v charger and keep the Treo charged that way. Some trains and planes even have 12v outlets.

    The 110v charger is quite small, disconnects from the hotsync cable, and has folding prongs. So it would be relatively easy to take that along too.

    Although the battery is internal and can't be swapped, it probably won't be too long before some 3rd party offers an emergency charge solution for the Treo, as they have for other cell phones. (I'm thinking of those air-activated chemical cells, or a better-designed penlight battery pack.)
    Bill Spencer
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    yep, obviously the car charger works while i'm in the car (and i certainly have one for my current phone), but working in downtown chicago, i'm often "going out" (ie leaving my office) and wandering around on foot (going to lunch, going to meetings) or "going out" means getting in a cab and going to the airport. it's these times when it'd be nice to just be able to carry regular spare batteries (not some awkward "emergency" solution). maybe i'm alone in this wish, but i sure hope they find a way to do this (every mobile phone i've had has had this capability).
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    I understand what you are asking for, and maybe someday they will redesign the Treo. But I guess the problem doesn't seem that severe to me.
    The Treo recharges in less than 90 minutes, normally. Unless you are on the phone constantly, I would think that you will have some opportunity during the course of a day or two to plug it in.

    Before getting a Treo I tried the Visorphone. One of its problems was the bulky battery pack. Everything's a compromise.
    Bill Spencer
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    there ya go!

    thanks for your replies.

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