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    Hello all,
    I set up my Treo with voicestream according to the directions posted in this forum which have been confirmed to "work". The connection occasionally succeeds - about 1 in 5 times. The other time, i get an 0x1233 error, "Check your password." Any ideas for what is wrong? I haven't seen any mentions of this problem on either the palm forums or usenet. Hope someone can help.

    Otherwise, I love my Treo!

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    Yup, got the same issues. I figured it was signal strength though, as I've now discovered how bad Voicestream SUCKS A#% in Northern NJ...
    obscure information.
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    I've been playing around today with various settings, searching the newsgroups and what not. I found a lot of references to using your ten-digit mobile phone number as your username, and your password as your password. I have had FIVE (count them -- FIVE!!!) successes in a row using this method. Maybe this will help some of you out. I'll report more results as I play with it tonight.


    P.S. - I am in the Ann Arbor, Michigan cellular area. Your results may vary.
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    Perhaps it was a fluke, but my last post was not as successful as I might had hoped. Is anyone else experienceing the problem? Any hacks available that allow one to alter more of the Palm's PPP settings? TIA.


    P.S. - While a connection is being made, pushing the page up or page down key gives you some additional status information during the connection.

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