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    I store all sorts of private important information on my treo (and Palm desktop), including account numbers, passwords, etc. The security features in the Palm OS and hence with the Treo are a joke (the Palm desktop even stores all the data on the hard drive in unencoded in simple text files).

    I travel on business and at some point I'm sure I will lose the Treo. It has happened so far with almost every cell phone I have ever owned. With an ordinary cell phone, it's not such a big deal, but losing the Treo means all that data could fall into someone else's hands.

    I know there are various security / encoding programs for the Palm OS. Which ones work with the Treo and which would you recommend?

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    There are tons of Palm OS programs that encrypt or some how store safely data on the Palm. I don't know many, however, that intergrate with the phone features of the Treo.

    The best way to find such programs is to search though PalmGear. I remember CryptoPad as being a good, secure, memo pad. Other then that, I don't remember
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    I use a program called LockMe! that turns off and locks any Palm OS device once every 24 hours. That means that if someone finds your Treo, chances are that sometime before they can discover all that you have stored in there it will turn off and lock up. Only a hard reset will get around that, so your data is secure.
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    Lockme and similar apps are useless in these situations. What this man needs is a program that stores his sensitive data in encrpyted format, not just marks it private and leaves it unencrpted.
    As mentioned, one good way to start is a search on PalmGear. I'd recommend a search on "encryption" or "encrypt data" or something like that.
    Like much Palm OS software, many people like many different things. Personally, I tried several freeware and shareware apps. The one I stuck with is CryptInfo. It's not free, but I just happen to like the way it organizes things. Other apps are different, but whatever you choose, make sure that when you haven't entered your password, the data is encrypted and unreadable no matter what. It's a good idea for the app to have a time limit on the password as well, meaning once the device has been off for a minute, you'll have to enter the password again, even if you never leave the application. Otherwise you might lose the thing just after checking or adding something, and your data remains unencrypted.
    Anyway, check out CryptInfo, Mobile Safe, and a number of other similar applications... GNU Keyring comes to mind as a decent freeware app of this class.

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    I recommend you try PDASecure by This this is powerful stuff. Not only does it encrypts your databases, you can set it to lock specific programs on your Treo or Visor.

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