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    Does anybody know if I can use the Treo or Visor phone on the NEXTEL GSM system? I have a Motorola i50 and I was wondering if the SIM card would work in the Treo or Visor Phone. I have called Handspring and they say that the Treo will work on any GSM system but they will not comment on any other system except for the ones they partner with. I called NEXTEL and they pushed me to Motorola because they are the only phones they use. Of course when I called Motorola and asked "Can I replace your phone on the NEXTEL system with the Handspring product?" they didn't really want to comment. They did tell me that their phones would work with other SIM cards on other systems but would not comment on replacing their phone on the NEXTEL system. I know that some functionality will be lost (specifically direct connect which is specific to the Motorola phone) but I just want to be able to make calls and connect to the internet. Can someone try a NEXTEL SIM in a Treo and let me know if it works?
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    GSM 1900 for the USA is all the same.Any SIM in any GMS 1900 phone.As long as everthing is for USA it will be no problem.

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    Whoa, great customer service on both sides. I'm sure they'll be very helpful when you run into problems.

    Good luck.

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