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    Here is the link to a keyboard which should work with the Treo:

    It's kind of pricey, at $120. It also looks a little small. Is Targus going to give us a keyboard? I loved my Stowaway for my Prism.
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    I looked at this too. I think the Treo flip lid would get in the way of the reflector.
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    Oh yeah, I think you are right. I wonder if the infrared would get through. Hmmm.
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    Looks like this would work nicely when the Treo is in the cradle, but not otherwise - even with the "rotational software". Note how they display the Palm V propped up nicely.

    BTW, remember you can operate the Treo, albeit clumsily, with the lid closed. The lid doesn't necessarily need to get in the way of the IR. (However, wonder if the wireless would get in the way of cell calls?)

    Hmmm. Food for thought, but I think I'll wait for the cheaper keyboard that will link directly to the unit, and also prop it up.
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    I just got this email response from the makers of the keyboard:

    "Thank for your interest in Pocketop. We will be completing extensive testing over the next six weeks regarding compatibility. We have done some limited testing on the Treo but will not add it to our compatibility list until we have done more comprehensive testing. We strongly anticipate that it will be fully compatible."
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    Has anyone tested this Pocketop Portable Keyboard with a Treo yet? Is it indeed compatible?
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    I tried this keyboard out and did not like it (sorry to the manufacturer :-(

    The keys are not of a consistent size and make it hard to be accurate when typing. I tried it out with the Treo 180 and with a Treo 90. It works OK with a Treo 90 using the mirror but the mirror is very hard to line up just right. I dont think it would work with a Visor because of the location of the IR port on those.

    Here is the real kicker though - the driver is not at all like the Stowaway. You cannot HotSync while the driver is active. Thus you have to turn the driver on and it has a timeout sequence where it asks you do you want to keep it active. I would not consider using a device which hogged the only serial port socket available on my pda.

    Regarding build quality - the keyboard is solid and has a satisfying outer finish. The stand clips on to the side of the keyboard and you use this stand to hold your PDA next to the mirror. I think it is marginally thinner than a stowaway but does not feel like it would last for ten years the way the Stowaway does.

    Out of five, I give it one. Next version may learn some lessons from Targus. Go back to the drawing board and use wires rather than IR.
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    I have this keyboard and is more than a ONE rating, but no more than a 2.5 out of 5.

    This keyboard will work practically with any palm device. It works quite well with the treo (if you don't try to use the reflector and stand...) It works well just place the treo in front of you, like on a table, turned upside down with open flap pointing towards you. This will point the IR windows towards the keyboard IR emitter. Then start typing away. The driver will flip the screen left/right/up/down so no matter where the IR window is located you can use the keyboard.

    The keys are little hard to get used to and personally having larger fingers i often make mistakes... I give them a B+ for effort. It's not a bad product.

    I also really really enjoyed the Targus StowAway keyboard for my Visor and long for them to create one for the Treo.. however, the idea of a universal one is pretty cool so you don't have to keep buying dedicated keyboards for new fancy PDAs...

    Does anyone know the site or email that we can send wishlists to Targus to create either a keyboard for the Treo and/or one that is universal and wireless. I love the wireless concept but this keyboard is just a little too small. If the keyboard were the size of the StowAway and wireles... it would rock. But that's just my opinion.
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    To my inquiry to the CSR at pockettop re the compatibility of the keyboard to Treo 90. the following was the reply

    "Unfortunately we will not support the Treo." ...Verbatim, much in conflict with the packaging .

    Definitive. I'd say. Back went the keyboard.
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    Sorry gang.. I misreported that I had the keyboard mentioned at the top of this discussion...

    I do not have that... I have it's twin distributed/made by MicroInnovations. It works fine, in fact, I just took notes with it this afternoon in a meeting at work...with my Treo it works alright...

    I just turn on the keyboard driver, turn my screen upside (via software) then point the Treo's IR window to that of the keyboards and viola....the keyboard isn't half bad either once you get used to it.

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    I'm not sure what the honorable gentleman is typing on, but the Microinnovations keyboard is the pocketop in disguise. Micro has a marketing arrangement with P/T to sell/support the product in the U.S. Other than the packaging, its the same device. Therefore if P/T says its not made to be compatible and will not support the Treo, you won't get much help from their marketing partner.

    On another note, how can you rate the keyboard a 2 on the same thread that you proclaim it to be pretty good a few days later. Are you a stockholder of MicroInnov or just want to mislead others in an honest forum among co-users? Suspicious.
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    I just got a Micro Innovations/Pocketop folding keyboard for my Treo 300. Here are some initial impressions.

    First, I had a Stowaway/Targus for my old Palm IIIxe, and loved it. It was the best keyboard I had on any computer, ever. I could probably type 70 words per minute on it.

    I got the Micro Innovations cause it's the only game in town--with it and the Treo 300, I really have my office in my pocket.

    It is not a bad device, but not in a class with the Stowaway. With practice I think I'll be able to type pretty quickly on it.

    The only way I can see to use it it to use the included driver to invert the screen, and have the IR ports of the keyboard and the Treo facing each other. I use my wallet to prop the Treo up so the screen faces me more (so I don't have to look straight down at it). This works pretty well.

    Overall, this is ok for me. Not the best there could be, but better than the built in keyboard for composing emails, writing letters, etc. I like its small size and sturdy construction.

    Note that it doesn't work with some graphics based applications: in Wordsmith, you must turn off the Finefonts (or whatever they call them--no big deal). Doesn't work with Splashphoto, or with Blazer (you can still use Blazer on the Treo, just not when the keyboard driver/screen inverter is active).

    Best price I found was at (comparable to eBay prices, plus a 30 day guaranty).

    Hope this is useful.

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    responding to 'pdahenchman' and agreeing with 'Kami':

    I don't see the value of you attacking me personally. I said the keyboard rated 2 or 2.5 and I still stand by that. I think you should focus more on the products rather than reading between the lines in my post and insinuating that I'm a micro-innovations stockholder. The keyboard does its job and nothing more. It works fine. Just like you'd say you are feeling fine; just not great.

    And I agree with Kima that the keyboard is not a class with the Stowaway. Stowaway is first class. I'll switch in a heartbeat if Targus creates a wireless Stowaway.

    Oh, I guess according to pdahenchman this makes me suspicious and I must be a Targus stockholder... of which I'm not.

    To pdahenchman, I have no hard feelings about this. I was just taken extremely aback by someone doubting my integrity, especially over something as silly and rather meaningless as a posting on a discussion board... please.
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    Check out Targus for the new Universal keyboard. It does not seem to be as small as the Stowaway, but now you can use one keyboard for your entire PDA inventory. That is an investment that I can recommend. More news when the thing arrives.
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    It seems that the Pocketop keyboard is designed to serve different crowd than that Stowaway would. Pocktop weighs only 4.2 ounce while the Stowaway weighs 12.1 ounce. If you are a traveling businessman and need to do serious typing, the larger size Stowaway may serves better. You probably would carry that in your suitcase. But for mass general purpose users, the Pocketop sure makes better sense. It is light enough just to carry that in your back pocket. I have accepted the 'size' compromise for mobility before I order it. I'm just glad that we have more choices now.
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    Sorry. I meant the Targus rather than the Stowaway in my post.
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    Originally posted by AbortRetryFail?
    Has anyone tested this Pocketop Portable Keyboard with a Treo yet? Is it indeed compatible?
    Haven't tried it yet but this link states that it is "FULLY COMPATIBLE":
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    I own this and it works well with a couple of exceptions.

    1. The software to reorient the screen crashes Blazer requiring a reset. If I am using Quickword I actually prefer running it on its side resting on the stand (antenna to the left)

    2. The stand situation is fussy. The best result I get is to open up the clip used to hold in the Palm series stuff and balance the Treo on it. It can be a bit precarious if you have to do a bunch of stylus work while it is up there.

    The keyboard is a bit cramped, but the folded up size is wonderful. I would give it B for a letter grade, but if they came out with a Stowaway with and adapter I would probably buy it..
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    It works pretty well. I've used it with the Treo 90 and 270, both with and without the stand.
    However, it's quite finicky about the placement of the stand relative to the keyboard -- they need to be about 6" apart, and very carefully aligned. I never bothered to measure the distance, just switched to Memo Pad and kept typing "s" while moving the keyboard until it started to register on the PDA.
    The best results with the 270 involved having the wire retainer at the bottom only halfway flipped up (I may eventually carve a notch into the catch on the sides to help it to stay in that position).
    Also, cleaning the flip-lid helps, as does having a fresh battery in the keyboard.
    For those of you who travel by air, you aren't going to have enough depth on a seatback tray to be able to use the stand. Buy a cheap pink rectangular pencil eraser and use it to prop up the Treo sideways, with the PDA resting on the ledge behind the battery hump. The known conflict between the screen rotation function and Blazer is a moot point, since you won't have the wireless mode on in flight anyhow. Just avoid the "To Do" key, and you won't have to take your stylus apart... :-)
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