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    help - should I buy a Treo 180 or that Samsung SPH-I300 phone?

    here's what I know: my Sprint cell phone is slowly dying and needs to be replaced pronto. my Visor Edge is way cool but I'm really friggin tired of caring it and the cell around and frantically using one hand to look up a number and the other hand to dial, so I love the idea of combining both. plus, I am one of those rare freaks who doesn't have 'net access at work, so I would really love to be able to go online and check the web and email with my new PDA phone apparatus.

    the upsides to that Samsung phone are that its color, its been around awhile so hopefully some bugs are worked out, and its provided by my current carrier so no need to get a new number or new contract.

    most important, I know exactly kinda coverage the SPH-I300 is gonna get - this whole Treo GSM thing is a big concern for me - I have no idea of how good its coverage is in Philly and Harrisburg, plus the rest of the East Coast, and there is no really reliable way to find out from Voicestream or Cingular.

    but my heart wants to buy a Treo anyway - it is so cool, and I have a lot of loyalty to HS. the keyboard and jog rocker are great, it syncs by USB, and its less bulky that the I300. and its $100 less....

    please, help keep a HS customer - I would really appreciate your advice and thoughts on this decision.
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    I'm in the Philly area, coverage has been reasonable (I've been a voicestream customer for over a year).

    I don't know too much about Harrisburg. I did the drive from Philly to Pittsburgh and back again recently, and my coverage dropped out somewhere west of harrisburg (along the turnpike), and reappeared as I approached Pittsburgh, where I had coverage again, but it seemed a little bit less reliable than in Philly.

    Hope that helps.
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    I went through the same dillema a month ago. Samsung or Treo. I finally went with the Treo - I have no regrets! Coverage has been fine (boston area) and I love the size, and software integration on the Treo. The battery issue has not been a problem for me, I have never run out of juice.

    If you are happy with Sprint I'd offer another sugestion, wait till June get the color Treo with Sprint (sometime in June I think) - only a few months away!
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    These are my thoughts on the two devices:

    16 megs RAM
    SIM card compatible
    international roaming capable

    non-removeable battery
    poor battery life (though newer builds apparently have better)
    can't use as wireless modem with laptop
    poor US GSM coverage (this is obviously not the Treo's fault but should be taken into consideration)
    high price tag for monochrome device
    no analog roaming
    no voice-dialing

    I300 (I own it):
    color screen
    top LCD
    second battery included
    CDMA (good for US coverage)
    analog roaming capable
    extra battery included
    reasonable price after rebates
    integrated voice-dialing
    for $5/month, data calls come out of your monthly voice minutes

    only 2-3 days battery life (better than Treo though)
    only 8 megs RAM (you may not need more though)
    larger than Treo
    no hard keypad

    So as you can see, both devices are far from perfect. If I were you, I'd wait until the summer when you will have the 3G CDMA Treo as an option, the 3G Samsung I330, Voicestream's PPC XDA, and the CDMA Audiovox Thera as options. If nothing else, the price of the Treo and I300 are bound to decrease by then as well.

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    ok, I'm sure you're all dying to know what I decided, so now you know: I bought the Treo, and I love it!

    the day after my posting, and nearly the year anniversary of my Edge, I dropped it and cracked the screen. and I had been meaning to buy that extended warranty w/free screen replacement, I swear! but no, HS wants $120 to replace that screen, and so I got nudged even closer to a decision....

    and when I logged onto VisorCentral, I learn that BestBuy is having a great deal, so I flew over and got their first Treo for $100 off! so far I love it and have no complaints.... now to figure out how it all works and what software I need....

    thanks for all the advice....

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