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    Been using a customized all stainless steel stylus for my Treo the past month, perfect fit in the back and good heavy feel for writing on the screen protector cover! If you can find one, I highly recommend it!
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    Where did you find yours, and does it poke up in the back?
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    Had it specially made at a machineshop I know. Its exactly the same size as the original stylus but made of solid s.s. and I had grooves made in the tip portion (similar to old visor stylus) to provide for easy grip. Have a pic of it somewhere if you are interested.
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    i had a custom aluminium stylus made up for my old palmpilot... delron tip.. mmm it was nice. but the little button stickin out the side at the top(so you could get it out) wouldn't let it fin on my visor. too bad.

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