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    Iím interesting in acquiring a Treo soon, and Iíve been trolling the threads here at Visorcentral and have seen many posts concerning returned Treos for various problems. Iím wondering how bad these problems are, because they are very much discouraging my purchase.
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    I'm not sure you'll really get a representative sample here. There are two reasons for people to be here: 1) they're geeks (like me ;-) and 2) they need help with a problem. As such, I think you'll have a slanted sampling of the numbers. I think that the majority of Treos are just fine, and new ones are even better. If you do unlickily end up with a bad unit, then call them up and have them send a new one as soon as they can. Yes, I know, a few people have had multiple bad units, which is unfortunate. But do you really think most people have that experience, or that every Treo on stock is hosed? Trust me, that's not how it is. No matter how great a product is, there are always a few people that get bad service or products, and end up with a bad impression of the company and/or their service and products.
    If the only thing holding you back from getting one is worry that it might be a POS, then stop worrying. They're not all bad. I think I can safely say that the vast majority of them are just fine. As people often point out, when people are happy with a product, they rarely come to a message board just to gush about it. They come to ***** and moan when things go wrong.
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    For the record, I have absolutely no problem with my Treo...and I have one of the originals.
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    Got my Treo the week it came out in Hong Kong. No problems so far (although I've never seen the unit make the 60 hours stand by time).
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    No problems here.. Voicestream in Denver. and NO echo!
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    That poll is really closer then I expected it to be
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    Well, I still think that if one were to take a poll of ALL Treo owners, the overwhelming majority would be on the "No (I don't have any problems)" side of the poll. The fact that there are so many yesses here only helps reinforce my point that many people are on this board BECAUSE they are looking for help for problems.
    I'm not trying to make light of the problems that DO exist. I think those should be taken care of swiftly and without question by Handspring, for the very reason that dissatisfied customers often make more noise than satisfied ones. But it's that same reason that causes your poll to be inaccurate.
    I was actually expecting it to be much worse, and even favoring the "Yes" side given my assumptions about board membership. I'm glad to see that the No's are at least winning. ;-)
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    FWIW, I don't necessarily buy into the idea that the only reason problems are greater than expected is due to the 'people looking for solutions' theory. The same flakiness was evident in the Edge rollout also. The simple fact of the matter is that Handspring is ultimately a _design_ company. They make and test the prototypes and then submit the reference design to contract manufacturers who actually make the things en masse. That being said, the productive thing to do (instead of trying to pretend that there might not be a problem) is to try and find the common denominator which hits the people that do have the problem but eliminates the people that don't have the problem. Obviously geographic coverage is going to be a hard variable to control, but place of purchase, non-unique parts of the serial number (which might point to different manufacturers or slightly different components, since I don't know if anyone's sure whether flextronic or solectron exclusively make the things), place of manufacture, cellular provider, etc. would probably be the place to start.
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