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    I've found on days when I'm using Blazer a fair amount (maybe half an hour over the course of the day) I'll have one or two times that it just "locks up". When this happens the treo becomes totally unresponsive, requiring a soft reset, and one of two symptoms appears on-screen:
    * a screen full of "noise" - random black and white speckles, or
    * a partially painted screen of the page I was browsing, with a tiny flashing cursor in the upper right corner.

    I've tried running with and without hacks, etc. but it doesn't matter - happens anyway.

    Has anyone else seen this? It's "livable" but I would choose not to live with it...

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    Happened to me once on a day of pretty heavy usage - seemed to corrupt my network prefs as well (Data out of range error if reset w/o holding a scroll bar)

    After I cleaned that up (deleted my Saved Preferences file) I've never seen that again.
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    I've had that happen a lot on my Clie. Maybe I'll try deleting the saved preferences...
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    Be careful with that - be sure to back it up so you can restore if deleting it doesn't help - all kinds of stuff is stored in that file, and if you delete it you'll lose preferences, registration codes, high scores in dopewars, all kinds of stuff.

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