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    Within the last few days I've encountered an annoying problem with my Treo. For some unexplained reason I'll pick up my Treo to make a call and get the following screen:

    "Network Error

    The Network could not complet your call.

    To try again: waith a few moments then tap redial."

    Below that are two boxes, one that says "Dismiss" and the other that says "Redial".

    I can click either one to no avail. I can wait several minutes and get the same response. I've discovered that the only way out of this is to turn off the phone radio and then turn it back on. Then I can make a call with no problem. Is anyone else having this problem? Thoughts or suggestions?
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    This has happened three times today. I've discovered that I can receive calls when this is happening but cannot make them. I called Handspring and their supposed to have someone call me today. I've uninstalled all hacks and soft reset all to no avail. Hanspring says I'm the first person to call this problem in. This couldn't possibly be a Voicestream issure could it.... being that I can still receive calls?

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