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    This one looks better, in my opinion, than the Krusell one...
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    I can't make it out very well from the pix.
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    looks like the kind of thing a lot of people will like, but those pictures are atrocious. I almost wonder if they're not trying to hide poor design and workmanship with poor pictures. I'm sorry, but for that kind of money, they need to have much better pics. I'll let one of you money-bags buy it and post a review. ;-)
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    I'm not happy till I get a plastic holster. Can't stand leather cases. A leather holster doesn't even make sense.
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    I'm sorry guys, but I still haven't seen a case that beats the Brookstone case. IMHO I didn't see enough protection in the above mentioned case or the Krussel case as well and the PRICE!?!? I continue to be very satisfied with the Brookstone case but am always open to a better one. These aren't they. As far as leather goes, it's very professional and elegant looking and that's the edge for me.
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    You tell'em Bruce!

    And what's more, you can be a "flapper" or a "tucker"!

    Leather holsters don't make sense? Then you haven't tried tuckin' a Brookstone case... I thought I REALLY wanted a Startac-style plastic one until I used the "tucked" Brookstone. It's a quick draw holster that protects the phone better than any plastic clip ever would...

    Since my last post on this topic - i cut the corners off the flap and epoxied it inside - so now I'm "committed"... or should be "committed"...

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    I really love my Brookstone case too,

    only deal is the clip on the back I have to sometimes HOLD open to get it to clip to my jeans.

    It seems to take well to belts then just clothes.

    Okay -- maybe -- way TOO much info... but still a believer in the Brookstone case.

    Jeff - PHX
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    "CutTuk"... Are you a Klingon? ;>)

    I love the fact that the belt clip on the Brookstone case fits tight. I have never worried about it coming off. If I bump into something, it stays put. I've got one belt that requires me to pry the clip a little bit, but that's a fair trade for the security.

    Hey Paul... you could be "PryorTuck" one of Robin Hood's gang!
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    FYI-- they removed on of the three items on that page and reduced the prices of the other two. And I've been told they're all on backorder for two weeks already!
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    Ahhhh... Capitalism. Ya gotta love it!
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