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    I just installed Mac 0SX desktop (I had been running the beta no problem) and I seem to sync with no problems, until the sync is done. Then I get the following error message on my Treo: "This installer is not compatible with your device. Please contact the manufacturer for a compatible installer." The file in question is "installer 3.5.3"

    What is the installer (on the handheld)?

    If I don't need it, how can I prevent Palm desktop from trying to install it every time I sync?

    Does anyone have a copy of OSX beta they could email me so I can try to get back to the earlier version that works?

    I tried to call HandSpring they didnt even know the OSX version was out. They said try to contact Palm. I'm waiting....
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    Hi jackson40,

    Palm seems to be bundling a bunch of PalmOS updates with Mac Palm Desktop 4.0 for X and 9. If you look inside your Palm folder in Applications, you'll see a PalmOS Upgrades (or maybe PalmOS Updates, cant remember which) folder. In here is a bunch of folders, one of which is 3.5.3

    I think when you do a hotsync, it looks at your palmOS version on the Treo - I think 3.5.2H4 - and tries to upgrade it, not rrealising that your palm is a Treo, and the 3.5.3 upgrade won't work.

    You should notice that when your hotsync finishes, you get a message on the treo telling you that installer 3.5.3 is not supported, and then you'll get a message telling you that you can delete the installer. You can do this safely - in "Applications" on the Treo, select Menu->Delete and then choose "Installer 3.5.3" to delete it.

    On the Mac, in the Applications/Palm/PalmOS Upgrades folder, get rid of the 3.5.3 folder. Moveit somewhere safe if you're uneasy with deleting it. On the next hotsync it should no longer see the 3.5.3 update in the Applications/Palm/PalmOS upgrades, and should therefore not install it to the Palm.

    On my mac, I actually moved the whole PalmOS Upgrades folder elsewhere, and this solved the problem.

    Craig Campbell
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    This is Handspring's current "official" position on the Palm Desktop 4.0 --

    The new release from Palm: don't use it. Palm, Inc. recently released Palm Desktop 4.0 for Macintosh, which synchronizes under Macintosh OS X. This software has not yet passed the tests for use with Handspring products, and therefore Handspring does not support Palm's version of the software.
    I learned about it at MacFixit (I don't have any relation to the company).
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