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    My silent mode alert (vibrate) stopped working today - The incoming call just causes the caller-id info to pop up on the screen and the backlight to light up. The ringer works fine when in not-silent mode, and the vibrate function doesn't work in not-silent mode, either...
    I have Vibrate checked on both alarm and silent modes, and have tried soft and hard resets. Now, I suppose I should ask for ideas as to why it's doing this, but HS is already sending a new one via advance replacement.

    I'm curious as to whether this has happened to anyone else. Does the motor just burn out after a few weeks of (not heavy) use?

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    In an earlier post I had noted that the vibrator on the replacement Treo I got was faster and more powerful than the one on my original unit. Then I read your post and started thinking about how I have never felt the ringer when in vibrate mode. I tried the ringer settings and it appears that now mine doesn't work either!

    I've made up my mind, I'm cancelling my crappy VS service and returning my Treo to HS. Hopefully by the time the Sprint CDMA color version comes out, they will have ironed out all the kinks. The Treo is great concept; it just doesn't seem ready for prime-time yet.

    So it's back to my StarTac and clunky Visor Deluxe
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    Weird. the vibrate on my replacement treo is strong enough for me to feel now... I hope it doesn't burn out!

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