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    Pretty good mystery title, eh?

    I have one of the "original" treos - received 4 weeks ago. I noticed today that the bottom edge of the case "clicks" when I push on or around the Blazer or Scroll Down buttons. Seems to "give" more than it should, and definitely makes an audible click each time - like the case isn't "welded" shut well down there or something.

    Does anyone else's do this?

    And, what I really want to know, is do the newer treos NOT do this? If they don't, I'm considering this as the basis for an exchange...

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    Nice Avatar. Have a hard day, eh? ;-)

    Yes, my Treo creaks near the bottom, ever since I got it last monday (yes one whole week! ;-). It doesn't bother me enough to pester for a replacement, though I won't rule out other issues needing a replacement.

    For example, has anyone else noticed grayscale drawing bugs? On my Treo, certain grays just don't draw correctly, especially in a vertical gradient. Check this pic to see what I mean:
    As you can see it's pretty bad, but really only when the affected grays are all drawn vertically. I first noticed it in a grayscale picker for another app, and so I tested it out more by drawing gradients with DrawIT.
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    Greg - do you have a "new" one (with the internationalization, new SW revs, bolder letters on keys, etc.) or an "old" one?

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    well, I don't have an old one to physically compare to, but mine does have the internationalized OS. After a hard reset, I am asked to pick a language and verify it, and press Z on the keyboard and what not. For some reason I have been unable to determine the versions of all those things that supposedly changed, but hopefully the internationalization is enough to make that determination?
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    Yep - that sounds like a "new" one - yipee - the case creak may be pretty widespread...

    Hello model airplane glue...

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    I have probe the one I got for a couple weeks now (original) and cannot find any clicking sound. The only thing that makes sound is the SIM door at the back when you hold it to tpe. i wonder if this is what is causing the "clicking" sound on yours? If this is the case, then it would be normal.
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    still, mine is barely noticeable. If yours is so bad that the creak is worse than the click of the buttons, and/or is getting worse with daily use, then maybe there's a case (hehe) for a replacement. I had noticed it on mine when I first got it, but I can hardly make it do it now. I can pinch the Treo near the edges and see the seam close just barely more. It was obviously designed to have a VERY narrow gap around the edges... maybe so a plastic case can be made, like the one for the edge, I dunno. I'm just typing....
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    I never noticed it before, but now that you mention it.... my "old" Treo clicks, and my 2nd gen. one "creaks".

    I haven't sent the replacement back yet - I got the replacement for the echo problem. Which, btw, seems to remain a minor problem -- but I have not done enough testing yet. The first call I made on the new one (which was a critical business call, btw) 2 minutes into the damn conversation the guy says "do you hear an echo, or something?", which I promptly rejected as an absurd suggestion, by my tone of voice and the prompt denial. He didn't mention it again.

    Creaks and clicks I can live with; the echo's a little tougher....
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    the case on my 2nd opened up a bit at the bottom-resulting in a creak. Get this: blow into the hotsync connector, you'll see the buttons move
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    I haven't had any problems with clicking or creaking but I bet the not-quite-tight case is why my screen is a little squishy. (I was the guy complaining about that before - though my most recent replacement isn't as bad).

    When I press down on the edges, the screen isn't as squishy.

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