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    Anybody have any advise on getting OneTouch Maill to work with an exchange server? As a Treo+Cingular customer, I'm able to receive email on the Treo but NOT send email from my server (I get error A604 "send failed" messge). I suspect the problem is my exchange server (hosted by a 3rd party) doesn't accept relaying, but have gotten only idiots on the phone at Cingular when attempting to find out more.

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    My company uses Exchange Server and I can't send email from my desktop at home, even though I can POP my company to here.

    Same goes for when I use OT with my company email.

    You'd probably be better off asking the 3rd party hosting company or the person in your company who deals with the 3rd party than asking Cingular.

    If you get a simple answer that does allow you to send, please let me know. Maybe my IT people can allow it for me too.
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    Thanks Jeff...will make a new post if I get it resolved. Here is a hack-around however you can use if you have another POP3 account (which I do) besides my Exchange account. In OTMail, I created an original account to read my Exchange mail. I also created another accont based on my other POP account. While I read my Exchange mail with the 1st account, I can reply or send any message with my second POP account. When you compose or reply, OTMail lets you select which account you want to send from. Also, on the setup screen for the POP account in OTMail, you can put in any arbitrary email that shows up as the sender's address. For instance, even though my pop account is, when I compose or reply to any message here the recipient sees it coming from

    Hope that helps..btw this hack works on Outlook express so you might try it on your home PC also
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    Are you both using the "My Wireless Window" PPP connection from Cingular or a third party ISP?

    If you are using a third party ISP, they may very well deny contacting port 25 (the smtp port) outside of their network. As a work around enter your ISP's smtp relay server.
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    No, I'm using Cingular's My Wireless connection, although my Exchange server is hosted by a 3rd party. My orignal feeling was that I needed to configure the outbound SMTP server for Cingular 's outbound mail server. Cingular was completely clueless here. BTW, is it true that Cingular's network is limited to 9600 kbs transmission?

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    As far as speed, I've heard 9600 to 14.4. My Wireless Window is defenitely faster.

    In the case that you are trying to remotely connect to your own smtp server, it will by default deny you. The reason is that if anyone can connect then spammers can use your SMTP server to send out millions of spams. You will need to get your Exchange admin to add the IP Range that Cingular's ISP uses. I did that on a mail server I control and it works very well.

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    thanks gene...any thoughts on how/where to get the Cingular IP address ranges used here in Northern Calif? I've found the general tech support number at Cing. to be incredibly lame when it comes to anything involving their data services. Perhaps there's another contact within Cing?

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    I let OT connect to my mailserver - watched what IP was denied, and made some assumptions that I checked by re-connecting.

    It looks like that for at least the peninsula, the IP range is 66.209.21.*.

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