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    Has any one got the dialup to work using an AT&T SIM card?

    I currently have active GSM service with both Voicestream and AT&T. I can use the AT&T SIM in the Treo for voice and actually get better coverage than Voicestream (where I live and work). I have set up several isp dial up accounts, which work fine on Voicestream. But I can't get any of the dial up accounts to connect using the AT&T SIM. I have tried some of the recommended initialization strings with no luck.

    Is there a 2nd type of SIM lock, where the card has code that recognizes it is not being used with an approved AT&T phone? Or is there something with the AT&T network that recognizes it is a data call, and does not complete it?
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    Do you have fax/data service enabled on your AT&T account? Often this is not enabled by default, and you may have to call them to switch it on. They should do it for free, assuming your tariff includes the data feature.

    Craig Campbell

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