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    I have now created two accounts on One was created on the old so I thought it was jacked up somehow but both the old and new accounts can't post anything.

    I even had a post with the first account from a couple months ago but going on now, there is no buttons to create or reply.

    It is frustrating me to no end. If anything else, does anyone know of a email to send a message to? I know I could probably find a generic contact us palm email, but maybe a more specific one dealing with the forums?

    I also can't send PMs to anyone. If nothing else, the usernames are JonVisc and JRomanowski. Myabe someone could send a message to webOSdev, admin or Chuq to ask what is up?
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    we have a bug in the forum CSS. it's being worked on, and will be fixed soon. the new topic and reply buttons are actually there -- but they're hiding.

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    Ahhh, I'll poke around in Firebug :-) Thanks Chuq!
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    Wow, now I see them at the bottom, white text on light blue... shoulda looked more closely...

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