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    Well I have good news and bad, I got my Treo replaced due to very poor battery life (12 to 15 minutes talk time) and the lid shutting was turning on the unit.

    My new Treo is truly ROCKING the Battery is unbelievably better (the good news.) So much that I am really wondering about the rest of the early adopters sets. If HS doesn't supply a new OS patch or something that improves your battery life pretty darn soon, like yesterday, I would be calling and pitching a fit (the bad news.)

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that HS replaced my uniy and it was a huge improvement... it's just such an improvement that some others must be getting the shaft and don't know it.

    My first phone couldn't have been the only one with such poor battery performance.

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    Well I am one of the early adopter set and I have no battery issues. Defintely not the extreme battery problems that you had.
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    early adopter here and my battery never lasts more then one day and I am not a heavy user 20-25 min phone/data 30 min or so organizer only, then low battery. certainly not what HS advertised! but HS has always taken care of me since day 1 sooooooooooooooo...................HS where is the heck is our update??????

    just kidding
    I am sure in the next 30 days we will see it. Is it on the cd you got with the replacement?

    need more juice!!
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    Originally posted by thesmith
    HS where is the heck is our update??????

    Is it on the cd you got with the replacement?
    Dan, this isn't likely. Rarely is something newer available on the CD than what's on the web. This is probably because they make a bunch of CDs in time to ship. And they're not going to make new CDs until 1-they run out or 2-they've fixed more than just one bug.
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    In case you guys missed the update that Marcus Adolfsson wrote...

    I want to also add that I don't have a Treo yet - waiting for the color version - and to say thanks to all the early adopters for ironing out the bugs for the rest of us late comers. You guys are awesome!
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    I have had no problems with batterylife until the last couple of days. It seem to drain battery very fast, a 15minute call is enough to for batterywarnings to pop-up and a few minutes more i shuts down.

    I will ask the retailer what their policy is on this since its nowhere close to the batterylife Handspring stated.


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