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    What is the "SMS email center number" for Voicestream?

    Preferably in 206 area code
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    I'm in the (206) area code. This is the Message Center Number on my Nokia: +12063130004
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    Yup - that's the message center number.

    I need the email center number, which I seem to need to send SMTP mail.
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    500 seems to work for many people...

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    Yes, the email center number is 500 for VS.
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    It seems that I can receive SMS messages with no problem, but I can't send email SMS. Is it true that I have to pay voicestream for this privelege? Is it worth it?
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    I have been able to do it, and I didn't pay VS extra.

    VS has acknowledged problems with SMS lately. Search the discussion for a thread with "Voicestream SMS"
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    500 has been working for me. but some people in other markets seem to be having luck using 501,502,503, and 504
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    500 is working for me today.

    It didn't seem to work yesterday...

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    I don't send many SMS internet e-mails, (mainly because can get the wireless internet working intermittently) but 500 worked for me the few times I tried.
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