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    Here is my first shot at a “wish list” for the Treo. Feel free to add to the list, but keep it “realistic” in terms of things that can and should be added and would be easy to implement.

    Someone in another thread commented that he was worried people didn’t like their Treo’s because they keep suggesting improvements. Quite the contrary, I think the Treo is awesome and I’m excited enough to dream up add-ons and improvements!

    o Charge via USB cable
    I don’t see any reason why it can’t charge slowly by grabbing power from the USB port on my computer. This way when I am traveling w/laptop I only would take the hotsync cable, and when I am traveling without laptop I would take the travel charger. Now I have to take both and the hotsync cable is more cumbersome than it should be in order to accomodate the charger. Is this possible for a third party hotsync cable or would the Treo itself somehow need to be different?

    o Abilitiy to track & analyze call history, or at least export it
    It seems silly that the OS knows how many calls I’ve made, who they were to, how many minutes etc but won’t tell me except on an item-by-item basis having to click thru to each! Everyone seems to mention this one so I’m hoping a shareware or freeware program comes out that does this

    o Pinkie Stylus
    I got the keyboard version and I’m trying to learn to use the keyboard most of the time. But every once in a while you need to select something from a list or whatever. Using my thumbnail or finger is only partially accurate, but pulling out the stylus is a lot of work and then you end up awkwardly holding it while keyboarding or putting it down and losing it. A small stylus on the pinkie would allow accurate screen use and still leave thumbs and fingers free for keyboard use.

    o Microphone software accessable (dictaphone etc)
    This way my pet peeve on the visor I had before the treo. How can they build in a microphone and not have the software able to access it? Especially with the whole point of Treo being convergence why should someone have to carry a separate Dicatphone when their Treo has all the necessary equipment already built in to the existing form factor?

    o Eudora-Mail export to Memo Pad
    Eudora seems to be great but the clipboard is too small to get messages out of it. If they had a simple option to export the “current” message to the memo pad this would solve the problem, since the memo pad is so heavily used by other applications and the hotsync process.
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    I got a short list - color and Memory slot!
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    Originally posted by yardie
    I got a short list - color and Memory slot!
    I'll only add higher resolution to your list yardie.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    Memory slot!
    HS has made it pretty clear that, unless things change drastically, this will not happen.
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    PLEASE add a changable battery to the list! I am always running out while checking email and have to stop for lack of power source.

    Yes, I too love my Treo.

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    Always on network connectivity (NO DIAL-UP REQUIRED before you can browse the web or send/receive e-mail) -- who needs SMS if your full e-mail client is always on?

    Hi-res color screen

    Keyboard keys that light up when you turn on the backlight

    Call history management and export to memo/CSV

    Improved and/or replaceable batteries
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    Mute! Mute! Mute!

    Oh yeah, and Mute.
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    Better vibration so that I can actually feel it when it's on my belt and it rings.

    I'll add to the list of folks looking for better and/or replaceable batteries.

    Could really use the (alleged) car holder.

    And something that Nokia phones do well: Profiles so that you can change the way the phone rings based on situation.

    Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but how about a muite
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    Originally posted by PDAENVY
    HS has made it pretty clear that, unless things change drastically, this will not happen.

    I would be very surprised if the next generation of the Treo does not have a memory slot.
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    Originally posted by yardie

    I would be very surprised if the next generation of the Treo does not have a memory slot.
    The Treo 180 was a complete turnaround from Handspring's whole concept of expandable PDA's. The Treo 360 will be when they come full circle and start being expandable again.

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