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    PC WORLD: Palm On the Right Path With Pre Plus, Pixi Plus

    Palm On the Right Path With Pre Plus, Pixi Plus - PC World
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    I felt like some of the info presented in the article was wrong.
    It said Sims3 and NFS was in the works... Hmmm

    Anyway, I like Palm's marketing strategy, as long as they keep their marriage with Sprint.
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    a multiple carrier strategy is obviously going to help palm but as a sprint pre owner I do hope they will be the first to carry the second generation pre.
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    will the pre plus become available for sprint any time soon?
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    I don't think so, since Verizon has an exclusive deal with palm to sell both pre plus and pixi plus in the US. But hey, it's been barely 7 months since the original pre came out and its successor is already here, so I suppose it shouldn't take longer than that for Sprint to get new devices.
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    They tried to say nice things in the article, but honestly, a 7th grader would have done better research. They just "made up" the things they didn't know actual answers to.
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