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    Today at 1:40, I got the little "You have an SMS-message!" tone. It claimed that I had a new voicemail.

    I checked the voicemail, and it had been left TWO HOURS earlier. While it's possible I was out of range when the voicemail was left, for the last hour and a half before the SMS arrived I was sitting outside with a full signal.

    Is this a voicestream problem, or a treo problem? Is anyone else experienceing this? I wonder if it's gonna end up being a one-time thing, or a recurring nightmare?

    I wonder if I should complain to voicestream about this...

    I go in and out of service areas often. If it's gonna take two hours to find out I have a voicemail... well... people might as well not leave them.

    Oh well. I feel much better now.
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    My gut response is it's clearly a carrier and/or coverage problem. My experience with SMS is that it's fairly reliable that you'll get the message *sometime* - but in a variety of situations the messages get queued for a while before delivery. I see this A LOT - even before I had a treo.

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    Definitely a coverage problem. I will occasionally get message beeps when the Treo never rang. But I've never had it happen 2 hours later, it's usually been pretty instantaneous.

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