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    This was posted anonymously on other board ( Thought was interesting to quote here:

    "Posted: Mar. 21 2002,00:45
    I work for one of Handspring's parts vendors and there is indeed a fix that they are trying to make available that will do wonders for your battery life (internally they refer to it as "EFIGS" since it adds international language capability to the device). Turns out that the company that supplies the cellular radios to them gave them an incorrect spec and that drained battery life while on standby. They only found out just before shipping that they could fix it. I got my device flashed last week while visiting their offices and I saw my standby time DOUBLE (though I guess the average pre-EFIGS person will see a jump from 60 to 100 standby hours). If your device does not have the new software, then you actually have a flashable ROM. Handspring desperately wants to make the new version available, but they have to make it *****-proof so they don't have 10,000 users with fried devices. The way they explained it to me makes sense. I would tell all of you to sit tight, because they have every intention of making the update available ASAP. But only after it is safe... "
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    Sounds legit, though I still am not sure about how many ROM/RAM chips are in the treo...

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