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    I work in New York and have major reception problems whenever I go into a place for lunch. This is usually a matter of walking into a pizza place and sitting in the back to eat. At these times I have no service available, while friends with Sprint or Verizon have no problems. Is this a GSM/VS issue or is it my Treo? Anyone in or out of the area have similar experiences?
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    It's pretty much a VoiceStream issue. I'm in NYC and have the VisorPhone and and an Ericsson GSM with them before that, and experienced the same.

    I was always willing to put up with it for the SMS (the email/SMS) connection, that is), but would always hesitate before recommending it.
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    I'm in NYC and have noticed there are times when my reception is better than my (non-VS) friends' and there are times when theirs is better. I don't know anyone in NYC who is happy with their cellphone reception, although I think Sprint is marginally better than the rest.

    FWIW, my reception seems to be better now that I've started using the earbud (to get rid of the echo problem mentioned in another thread).
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    Friend 1 (ATTWS): hands down a monopoly! 4-5 bars everywhere, can get signal in buildings.

    Friend 2 (SprintPCS): Ok signal in most placesl, sometimes even inside.

    Me (VS): 2-3(mostly 2) bars in most places, can't get crap at work and 1 bar at home, but get 2-3 bars every other day???
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    I'm in NYC too, but have decidedly better reception with VS than I thought I would. I had Verizon before this. (And had AT&T a couple of years ago, which was horrendous in NYC, but great in the rest of the country).

    Now that I have VS/Treo, I have perfect 4-bar reception in my mid-town office building (42nd floor) whereas I would lose my signal with Verizon constantly, I have perfect 4-bar reception at home in Chelsea, and can walk further into several subway stations before losing reception than I could with Verizon. I usually have lunch around mid-town west side, and have not yet had a problem. However, when I had dinner last week with friends around 20th & Broadway, I had no reception in the restaurant whatsoever, but my friend on Sprint had perfect reception.

    So, I don't know what to say about your reception problems. Sounds like it's either your Treo, or you just happen to work in a really spotty area for Voicestream.
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    I work in Rockefeller Center, and get perfect reception on the 27th floor, but when I sit down in the back of the salad bar or pizza place on 48th st. I get no reception. Then when I come out, I get the ridiculous two minute wait (discussed in another thread) to get back my four bars of reception that I get on the street. It seemed like with ATTWS, I always had some reception, or was that an analog thing?

    Maybe we should get a user group together to compare...
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    I had att it was the worst cell service ever bad service bad reps bad bad just bad! sprint was borderline ok but very spotty never could hear that pin drop! verizon is very very good all over the state many coworkers rave about it.(but I still have much cleaner calls, and less dropped with VS) my Voicestream service has been fine full signal almost everywere with limited spotty service (mostly in nyc) and its the only service with freindly phone reps. I call with a problem or question and 100% of the time problem fixed question answered no endless hold, or rude snotty reps (like ATT they suck!) so if you want a treo now in NYC you might want to wait for a Verizon ready treo but.......outside the city Voicestream is fine, and just note in 2+ years with VS they have gotten better and better coverage in the tri state area.

    Bottom line is no one service is 100% coverage anywhere we can only hope for that someday.
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    Here in Chicago VS coverage is excellent. It was also great when I was out in Park city a few weeks ago, I had service in many places were sprint did not. I'll be out in Philly testing this weekend.

    Bottom line tho, I couldn't get sprint in my apartment, and I get 4 bars of VoiceStream. This is simply a matter of tower placement tho as on the other side of my building the roles are swapped.

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