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    Well it looks like my inability to connect to the internet is user error. I gladly accept the Dilbert award of the day. My local ISP can not connect to the internet. I tried it with an earthlink connection supplied by HS tech support and it worked like a charm. I don't quite understand it all b/c I can send and receive e-mail through my ISP without a problem. I do have my ISP running through a proxy server which serves as my filter. I suspect that may be the issue?

    I read with interest the post re. Using VS as an ISP. Is the set up geographically bound in that case?

    What low cost solutions are there to getting a dial up ISP that works.

    I am also considering America Off Line (AOL) so that my kids will leave me alone. Will that allow internet connectivity and email with my VS minutes?

    ps My SMS still does not work
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    Have you tried TreoMail? I have a cable modem (no dial up ISP) at my home office, and TreoMail works with just the dial up I use for my lap top while on the road. So far, it seems to work much better than the laptop connection as I don't have to fudge the pop & smtp settings to send & receive e-mail. Yeah I know it's going to be a subscription, but what does time and aggravation cost?

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