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    Being that we're all geeks here, I'll make the assumption that most of you have sought out and/or are using a replacement launcher. The built-in one just doesn't cut it for us power-users. I've been using Megalauncher VIP on my Vx for a long time, but have just experienced quite a lot of resetting with it on my Treo while trying to recategorize things via drag-and-draop. So, I deleted it.

    What launcher replacements are you guys using, and have you had any problems with them on the Treo?

    I already have EasyLaunch and other nifty hacks, but I need a launcher that makes it fast and easy to recategorize, delete, and beam apps and data. MegaLauncher VIP fit the bill nicely, but appears to be less than stable on my Treo for some reason.

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    I've found that for my needs, without qualification Launcher III is the best launcher out there. It is fast, stable, powerful, and not ugly. BTW: it's fast. it doesn't refresh every time you load it, meaning it pops up instantly. You can also hide tabs, meaning all the fluff you don't use gets put away.

    Best of all, the developer is in the process of creating LauncherX, which will blow everything else away, if it matches its teaser, . Give it a try, you should like it.

    the only think LIII is lacking is something that all the 3rd party launchers lack: awareness of signal strength and VM/SMS icons.
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    I'm using SilverScreen and I like it.

    Of course, I don't know what I'm talking about.

    Inside joke...

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    Tried MegaLauncher VIP and had not problem with it. BUT, I find that it cluttered by screen. So, I switched to Launchem. It has nice tabs and I can access my apps in two taps or less. Anothe cool thing is that I can go through the different tabs with the jog rocker. It has about 8 gadets that you can use inclusing beaming and delete.

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