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    Good customer service needs to be mentioned just like the bad. Yesterday on a full charge and just an hour of PDA use I drained the battery in twelve minutes of talk time with full signal. Also when snapping shut the cover it would open the apps screen. On top of that, my cherished car charger that finally arrived had the little power status light on the power port plug go out not to be seen again.

    Got up this morning called the gang @ HS and replacements were on the way. No hassles or interrogations, just were sorry about that and let us fix it for you. I don’t know about anybody else BUT “stuff happens” and it happens to everyone. It is never a case of “if” but “when” and HOW IT GETS DEALT WITH “when” it happens is what really matters.

    So far Handspring has an A+ in innovation and an A++ in customer support from me.

    Thanks Handspring!!!

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    I agree. When VS suggested that my echo and dropped calls might be due to "equipment problems" I called HS on the phone. The next day, a replacement Treo was at my doorstep along with pre-paid return shipping label and box. Handspring Customer Service is doing a great job in my book.

    Unfortunately, I'm still stuck with a phone that doesn't work or works poorly in most of my calling area due to poor signal strength (VS) in my area. I wonder if HS would consider swapping me a VS GSM phone for a Sprint CDMA when it comes out.
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    You don't have a brother, Todd, by any chance?

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