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    I've had my treo for 2 weeks and have had intermittant success with internet connectivity - so my settings are probably OK, but it takes a long time to connect (at best - 30 seconds) and only connects 1 out of 4 or 5 attempts.

    After surfing around looking for other options tonight, trying various ISDN configs, etc. I looked at the Handspring site - I was shocked to see the following:

    Cingular as an ISP
    Cingular acts as an ISP for Treo users with Cingular wireless accounts. These settings will be transferred to your handheld when you run the Configure Your Treo wizard.

    Early Treo adopters who weren't initially privy to Cingular's ISP capabilities can now access this new feature by re-running the Configure Your Treo wizard. The new ISP settings will be transferred to your Treo.

    Huh? Has anyone actually tried this? Or are any new treo owners using this and just thought "this is the way it works"? If this works it will relieve a ton of frustration for me and probably many others...

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    OK - I'm talking to myself.

    But I figured this out, and it will be a huge improvement to any other early Cingular users who have been wrestling with connectivity.

    I re-ran the Configure My Treo wizard. I told it to check the internet for updates when prompted to do so. When all was done, now it uses a new Network connection called "My Wireless Window" as it's default connection and VOILA - much faster connect time, has worked 9 out of 10 attempts so far, makes treoMail usable, etc.

    I had previously setup my Cingular My Wireless Window account at This is where you establish the user ID and password that you'll need to connect.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Naw ain't talkin to yourself. I hear you!

    Anyways, I'm out in San Francisco and experienced sloooooow Internet connections speeds when I was hooked up through a third party ISP (I realize the 9600 baud limitation on the Cingular network).

    HOWEVER, after running the reconfiguration you suggested, the signing on process is TREMENDOUSLY quicker (10 times faster) but the connection speed is still the same.

    Anyone know what exactly CINGULAR has optimized to make this happen?

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    edien, What are your network preferences?
    Service, User, Password, Connection, and Phone #?

    Also, What are your detailed connection preferences?

    I'm in San Francisco, and have been trying to get this to work since yesterday. Previously I've been using an earthlink dialup with 30% success rate.

    I used the update Treo utility (twice now)

    Signed up for "My Wireless Window" and made sure I'm all set with Cingular for Data access.

    The new configuration does not seem to be working.

    Cingular and Handspring support have been useless on this. Cingular says it's a Handspring issue (and a Treo is not an approved device ?!), Handspring is pointing at Cingular claiming they don't control the network (even though they resell the service...) pathetic!

    Thanks in advance,

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    After reading Paul's post, I came into work and just ran the "Configure Your Treo" utility.

    After the install and following the defaults, I didn't have to do anything else besides connect to the Internet.

    In the "Network" Preferences:

    Service: My Wireless Window
    User Name: <nothing is entered>
    Password: <Prompt>
    Connection: <-Current->
    Phone: Wireless

    Under "Details":

    Connection type: <PPP>
    Idle timeout: Power Off
    Query DNS: <checked>
    IP Address: <automatic checked>

    Under "Script":
    "End" is showing

    Good luck...
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    Has anyone had any success connecting to any other dial up numbers after using Cingulars My Wireless Window as their ISP ?

    I got my Treo last week and initially connected to my companies dial in number. I then set up the Cingular My Wireless Window using the CD ROM and now that is the only connection my modem will make with out getting the dreaded 0x1102 message.

    Neither Handspring nor Cingular seem to be able to help.
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    Boy, I'm glad I visit this forum! I did what was suggested and got My Wireless Window to work as described! I can cancel my dialup now. Interestingly, though, it didn't offer me a choice, it automatically used Cingular Wireless Window as the ISP.

    Thanks Paul!

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    I dunno, I did all the setup (including the TreoMail beta) and when I tell it to connect, I get a timeout or lose interest and put the Treo down.

    Is this just a Cingular/SFO anomaly?

    How much longer until GPRS makes all this go away?


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