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    I have finally come up with what I can call a great recommendation for a belt style clip.

    I have tried the clip and also the

    I gave each a week of use and while both have their merits "theClip" definitely won the contest. It is the easiest to attach and remove one handed without looking or wondering if it is engaged.

    "Phoneclip" is kinda cool in that it will mount the phone at whatever angle you want AND comes with a cool and well functioning car mount. The problem I had with this model is if you are wearing elastic waist banded shorts you will have to make quite an effort to get the phone off the mount without pulling off your shorts and the plastic clip does not hang on that tight compared to the other brand either. Also, with this Velcro brand, which has a PLENTY strong grip, it was a "move your shirt and get a look at the landing site" couple of extra steps that really killed it for me having to make sure it went back to the correct spot so it will not fall off later.

    Not so with "the Clip," it is a purely a simple AND confidant one handed operation. It also has a cool car mount... sold separately of course.

    Both are very secure, I did have the Velcro one pop off when sitting in a chair once but not without noticing.

    "Phoneclip" is hard to beat at the price, but I'm going with "TheClip” With such an awesome phone as the Treo, it is worth it!

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

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    Where/how did you attach the clip's "button" to the Treo? Did you just use the adhesive button and stick it to the case you've been using, or have you stuck one of the things right to the back of your Treo?
    Do tell.
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    I don't know about Veloslave, but I have a button stuck directly on the back of my treo. Actually the first treo I saw in the flesh was a couple of months back - a Cingular rep who had a button on his, hanging on his belt clip.

    I use the button to hang it in my car - I can use the belt clip also, but prefer the protection of the Brookstone holster ala flapper mode. I mounted the button high so it doesn't interfere with the holster.

    I used the button on the back of my previous PDA/phone for over a year - the button never came off, but I DID knock it out of the clip and drop it a few times. The Ultra clip should help prevent this... But I still like the holster better...

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    I was worried I might have led you astray with the Velcro.

    Small adhesive tab for the button that fits into the clip directly onto the phone, super strong. This thing is super slick; the clip is STRONG and is more pager style. The phone goes in smooth with a nice noticeable click and swivels loosely.

    The car attachment (I got the rubber flex model) works great and is more flexible than I thought; it worked well on my curvy dash.

    I’m pretty jazzed about it, the only down side will be that the outer cover lenses is not protected but I figured that will have to be polished every now and then anyway.

    They also make a model that mounts to leather… just in CASE you know where to get a nice leather model

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7

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