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    Perusing through this forum made me wonder ... am I really so patient? My patience in relation to the impatience of others is what I'm referring to.

    So much talk about wanting Android this and iPhone that. So much talk about Pre/Pixi doesn't do this or that. People are chomping at their bits to dump Palm/Sprint for any device that does/has ___________.

    I understand why I don't have a problem with Palm's pace in regards to updating WebOS. It's because I have confidence in Palm and their commitment to their new platform, their strategy, their leadership, their investors, and the growth of the smart-phone market.

    It is also because I'm happy with my Pre. Because other platforms don't appeal to me after experiencing WebOS (and yes, I have played with them). Because I haven't really missed video-recording, etc., etc. Not that I wouldn't mind having them.

    I'm not saying everything is roses. I can understand those that are having hardware reliability issues. I can understand that the device can be sluggish at times. And Palm has certainly dropped the ball on advertising (but that alone doesn't affect your usage of your device, but it has nevertheless affected the decision of staying with the device for some). What I don't understand are those that can't wait for updates that we can safely assume are coming with added capabilities. Why can't people wait for video recording, GPU utilization, etc., etc.? It makes me wonder why people bought their Palm in the first place. Did they simply not know that the Palm didn't have X features and Y capabilities? Did they buy it expecting the updates to come in a timely manner? The key word in that last sentence is timely. What is your definition of it and how did you come to the conclusion of that definition?

    Please don't think that this is another one of those posts where someone is complaining about the complainers (been there, done that). I'm just looking to understand what is it in your day-to-day activities that Palm's software/hardware isn't providing that's so important that you have to have the Droid, Nexus1, Pick-your-poison phone. And why I should be just as impatient. What am I missing?
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    I think that it is a Y-generation thing. Immediate gratification and all that.
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    I agree completely...I also wonder why so many people are so jumping the gun and unwilling to wait and see what comes to the Pre.

    Lately, we've all been witness to Palm's soon demise...only one year after CES 2009 Best of Show. The tech industry should have learned by now not to write off Palm when it comes to innovation.

    I love my Pre and simply dislike negative press coming from Journalists and financial experts who barely use the tech the speak about.

    It is simply amazing how so much press can be estold about the iphone and all of its virtues and bypass the fact that the phone is practically useless on ATT network. Everyone knows it and they still buy the products in droves.

    WebOS is better technology wise, even missing features we've all come to expect, but I suspect people are just not willing to try things new and innovative like the Palm Pre.

    Thanks for the post...
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    I think people see those features and performance readily available for other devices that are on the market and some that have been for years. That is where the level of expectation comes from. I don't think it makes me a prima donna to expect a car I buy in 2010 to come with air conditioning or power steering.

    Yeah, the buyer needs to know what he (or she) is getting into before they buy the product, but I think a thing like a smartphone isn't as understandable as a car. People see a phone, it has a big touchscreen like their friends iPhone and they play around with it for a little while and decide it is good enough. After a little while with the Pre, they start to see that it isn't as fast as their friends iPhone, that scrolling isn't smooth or that there aren't any good apps. This is where you get a lot of the "I thought I was getting, but I didn't" mindset. Their friends have it, clearly it is doable on their phones, why doesn't my phone do it now? It is easy to say, "they should know what they are getting into," but in reality people gave their faith to Palm and Palm hasn't repaid that to them.

    The other thing is I think a lot of people, even geeks, bought the device thinking updates and development would come faster. Palm has made a handful of updates, but none of them really add major features or drastically improve the performance. So 6 months in, I can certainly understand the impatience where people are getting tired of it not being as fast and smooth as the iPhone or the app market floundering. I've seen a lot of posts from people here that bought the Pre because they essentially thought it was an iPhone that multitasked, which is a higher than average understanding of technology. But these people also didn't realize, and probably didn't even know to research it, that the Pre doesn't use the GPU for anything.

    In a perfect world, people would understand technology really well. They would know what to research and would do their due diligence. But in reality, they aren't like that . . . they just want their Pre to perform like their buddy's iPhone because they presume it is possible.

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