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    VoiceStream just announced a PocketPC SmartPhone

    to be released real soon.

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    Yeah, you wanna hold a paperback book to your face, go ahead. ROTFL! Did you see the SIZE of that thing?!

    Size: 5" x 2.8" x 7"
    Weight: 6.8 oz

    5x7, and almost THREE INCHES THICK!!!
    As powerful (read "overkill") as PPC is, I'll take a Treo any day.

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    Gotta be a typo. I'm betting they meant 0.7"

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    That's no typo, I don't think.
    There's no way a full PPC device (not the "smartphone" version of WinCE that has yet to be released) is going to be 3x5 and less than an inch thick. That would be smaller than any current phone-less PPC devices. Trust me, this thing is that size. Heck, at .7 inches it would be thinner than some PalmOS devices.
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    The iPaq H3760 measures 5.1" x 3.2" x .62"

    I hate arguments.
    But I'm going to win this one...

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    And you seriously believe that this PPC with all the normal PPC stuff, PLUS a GSM/GPRS radio AND a built in SD/MMC expansion slot is going to be SMALLER (but only .1" thicker) than an iPaq? I don't think so.

    I'll not concede defeat just yet, but if there is comflicting information about this device on another site, or the manufacturer's own site has different information indicating that it's actually smaller than an iPaq, I'll gladly eat my words.

    Until then, I still believe that it's gargantuan. :P
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    I'd have to think they meant 0.7" instead of 7". The weight is only 0.1 oz more than an ipaq 3835 (6.7 oz).
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    You're right. My treo is a LOT bigger than my original Palm Pilot. Or my Newton. I stand corrected.

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    You're WRONG!
    I'm RIGHT!

    /me crosses his arms and pouts angrily.


    PPC $uXx0r$!!!

    (hey, my Treo just came! I'm outta here!
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    Looks like .7" thick, 7oz heavy..
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    I particularly like the "cigar charger" feature - because all of us need to charge our cigars from time to time.

    Greg - Welcome to the club. Can't wait to see the photos of your leather work. Hope you're in the silent majority who have had no issues with their new Treo. Enjoy.

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    That device is the mmO2 XDA. It measures 5.1" x 2.9" x 0.72". It was only suppose to be released in Europe but I'm glad to see it is making its way to the US. The European version is GPRS ready and I hope the US version is too! A keyboard is a planned accessory as well.

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    Well, this article to me, explains why VS has been a pain in the *** about the Treo:

    I think I got the link right.

    Argh. I really want Microsoft software spying on my handheld...
    yep, I am paranoid... yes indeed.... I need my aluminium foil hat now.

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    Originally posted by hmp32
    Well, this article to me, explains why VS has been a pain in the *** about the Treo:
    But it doesn't explain why VoiceStream promotes the yet to be released new Blackberry on their site, which also does not have a Microsoft OS, rather than the already available Treo.
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    I certainly feel a little nervous about having to get the Treo with VS service when they don't seem all that keen on supporting it. I wish HS had formed a stronger alliance with them before offering their service as the only carrier for many areas.
    The SMS-email feature is constantly down and it's a feature I would like to use. VS doesn't seem to concerned about trying to get this working consistently. I feel I'm stuck with VS for a year now and may not be able to use my treo to it's full potential. I only hope when GPRS comes out that we will be able to make full use of it and that a whole new set of VS issues don't come up.
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    Guess I'm lucky that I haven't had any VS SMS problems (I live in NYC). But I do feel a bit agitaged being locked into VS now with the color CDMA G3-functional Treo out in a few months on Sprint.

    I know, I know, there will always be something better just out to make me drool...but it still hurts.
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    Well, give Sprint and Handspring's released strategic partnership,
    I may very well stay with Sprint and wait for the CDMA version.
    the CDMA version will probably use less power and have a longer
    battery life.... I just hope it has an analog roaming mode.

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    Voicestream will not sell or promote the Treo until the GPRS feature is turned activated, a marketing vp told me at the CTIA convention.
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    Originally posted by marcus
    Voicestream will not sell or promote the Treo until the GPRS feature is turned activated, a marketing vp told me at the CTIA convention.
    Makes sense to me. Handspring better roll it out fast, because their "first to market" is quickly turning into "Runner-up"

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