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    I tend to be a long term user of hand held equipment. I owned my 1meg Zaurus from 1995-2000 and still own and use my original VDX, which I used regularly up until the time I purchased my Treo. The Treo has a distinctly different screen than the VDX. Squishy and seemingly easier to activate with the stylus.

    I religiously protected my VDX with WriteRight screen protectors. I am wondering what others are using, if anything? I have the 180 so the whole graffiti thing is less significant as it relates to scratches etc. However, the greasy face touching the screen thing, when used as a phone, definitely impacts my perceived need for a screen saver.

    Will a screen protector lessen the sensitivity of the screen? Should I not worry about it b/c I buy a new phone on average every 1.5 years so it is unlikely that I'll have to worry about the screen?
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    I usethe color PPC WriteRights that I have left over from my Prism. They work fine. I use the stylus, a pen lid, and my fingernail on the screen. I let my screen get dirty, and don't worry about it.

    I've gone without a protector before on other devices and scratched the screen.

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