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    Is it possible to mute a phone call with the Treo 180? (I am not asking how to "mute" the sounds of the device, this is clearly documented.)

    But I cannot seem to find any instructions or User Interface to allow me to mute my call, so that the called party cannot hear me, yet I can hear them.

    Almost every modern phone on the planet has this feature, including mobile phones. Am I missing something?
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    Sadly Handspring missed this one - it is the only quibble I have with the Treo 180. It can be a hassle in noisy places but keeps you honest during conference calls - none of those sneaky comments while on mute and the risk of the mute button not really being on...

    You can always put the other person on hold.
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    Hard to believe isn't it? I just got confirmation from their help desk. There does not seem to be any definitive plan to add this feature.

    I will continue to press the issue. I find it to be a necessary feature when attending a con call from the car, or while in the airport. Perhaps I should take it more easy anyway. ;-)

    If I learn more, I will post it here.

    Thanks so much for your post.
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    Has anyone been successful finding a headset or earbud with a mute button that works with the Treo? Since the Treo uses the Nokia 33xx, 4-pole type headsets, these typically have a one-touch answer button, not a mute button.

    If you try a 'universal' headset on the Treo and try and use the mute button, it will hang up the call.

    Any ideas?
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    Why can't you just put the call on hold (instead of having a mute button)? Doesn't that accomplish the same thing?
    Bill Spencer
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    Nope. A big reason people use mute is when they're on business conference calls in public places or cars - the ambient noise from the cell phone user's location is audible to all participants in the call unless you can mute except when you're speaking.

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    Paul - you're right of course. I wasn't thinking of conference calls, but certainly hold is not the same thing as mute. That is a big oversight.
    Bill Spencer

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