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    Is there a way to skip text on the keyboard? I keep having to use my stylus to highlight and delete. Any help, especially skipping words and lines.
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    I don't have mine yet, but the quick reference card I downloaded as a PDF from Handspring's site shows how to move the cursor with the keyboard. I'm not sure how to select text with the keyoard, though. I'll attach a gif of the good part, in case you don't have a hard copy, or don't want to look for it.
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    Thanks Greg, I was wondering about that also. I have the card printed out and laying around here somewhere...

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    Many thanks

    That was a real frustration. Now I have committed to reading the pdf instruction booklet. I looked for it the other day but could not find the download file on my C drive so I loaded up the CD that came with the Treo and found it there. Thanks
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    The simple way to navigate thru text with the keyboard is to press the blue Option key and use the up and down scroll keys to move the cursor.

    I have not yet found a way to select text with only the keyboard but I assume it is only a matter of time that someone figures out how to write a hack to do this.

    I am pretty excited about all the new software appearing for Treo. My favorite is the TreoButton becaus not only does it allow you to remap the Option + application buttons but it also allows the Contacts sub-section of the PhoneBook application to be mapped directly. So I have PhoneBook button set as normal but if I want to go directly to my (Address Book) Contacts, I have the same button Option mapped to Contacts - neat!
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    Where does one find this "TreoButton" ?

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    Do a search for TREO at

    Originally posted by B747400
    Where does one find this "TreoButton" ?


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