I am beginning to feel alone. All of you seem to be able to get full functionality from you Treos. While I can't
1. Send SMS. It says the message is sent and then aliens snatch the message in mid-stream and the intended recipient never gets it.
2. Get online. It tells me my signal strength is too weak. Move to an area that has better signal strength.

I can
1. Receive SMS. No problem
2. Send and receive email with one-touch service all day long no problem, regardless of signal strength. If I can make a call. I can send and receive email.
3. I can make calls. Minimal problems. Albeit, I seem to have more problems with dropped calls.

Am I the only one that has to suffer through endless Tech Support calls and ticket escalations?

I love my Treo. I wish I could use it to the fullest possible extent.