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    Hey everyone, please respond. I am sorry to bother everyone with this issue, but the echo phenomenon has become a major problem for me, and many others have posted similar problems, both here and at VisorCentral.

    Briefly, I love the Treo, which makes it hard for me to post this complaint. The echo problem on my handset has become worse, to the point that every call I make now experiences an echo to the other person on the conversation, with no problem from my end. It has so far never occurred with the headset (earbud), only when using just the Treo as is.

    It began occurring only infrequently. A little bothersome but would go away in a few seconds. Now everyone whom I call, within a few minutes of a conversation, says, "Hey, what's that noise? I can hear myself talking, and some harsh sound."

    I have tried turning down the volume. I have tried holding the phone tight against my ear. Still, the echo occurs.

    I want to ignore it. But it's real. And I don't think it's just a problem with MY Treo. If I call HS and replace my Treo, I don't think the problem will go away.

    Sure, I could just use my headset exclusivley, but then, what good is it? Man, I'm frustrated, and to tell you the truth, a bit scared. Everything else about the Treo is awesome.

    What should we (I) do? If it hasn't happened to you, I bet that it will begin to, although I hope not. This never occurred with my previous Nokia phone on the same VS network. Definatley a Treo issue. Bummer. Please comment. Thanks. Hope everone is doing well.
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    i have mine for over a month and have never experienced an echo with unit or headset. only time i will have any complaint of an echo is with the speaker phone which i believe is common.your problem may be your unit you should take it up with handspring.
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    I had the very same problem with VP, I was about to get a regular cell phone. I waited for the Treo, Glad to say I currently do not have the Echo problem with it. I use VS.
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    The echo on my Treo only occurs with the speakerphone mode. I have not encountered it with the other phone modes. It is rather annoying though when it does occur as I often use it in the speaker mode. In fact, I prefer the speaker mode. I would say that should you find yourself experiencing that problem in other modes the problem is the phone.
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    one cumbersome, yet easy way to fix this would be to make an option like a walkie talkie - IE the mic's only turned on when you press a buttun to talk, and than when you let go of the buttun hte mic is turned off again. When the mic's turned on the speakers off..
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    one cumbersome, yet easy way to fix this would be to make an option like a walkie talkie - IE the mic's only turned on when you press a buttun to talk, and than when you let go of the buttun hte mic is turned off again. When the mic's turned on the speakers off..
    The problem with your suggestion is that it would confuse people. Everyone's used to being able to say: "Wait! Wait!" or "I'll be back, I've got to answer the door" in the middle of the other person talking. Your idea precludes that (important) function
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    and hence, that is why phones are two-way.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    The echo problem on my Treo in regular phone mode (I never use speaker phone) is also very bad. I will try to use the earbud and see if the problem goes away, but I agree this is a halfway solution. I hope a fix will be offered soon. I suggest people experiencing this problem do what I'm about to do: e-mail Handspring about it through their website.
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    FWIW, I called Treo tech support yesterday (877-426-3777). They said they have not heard any complaints about echo, which means you people need to speak up to Handspring about this. The tech support guy offered to send me a replacement unit, but seeing how they didn't seem to know yet what might be causing the problem I decided to hold off on getting it replaced for now. Of course during the tech support call there were no echo problems.

    I did try the earbud and had no echo problems with it.
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    FWIW, I called Treo tech support yesterday (877-426-3777). They said they have not heard any complaints about echo, which means you people need to speak up to Handspring about this.
    FWIW, I called Treo tech support TODAY and the guy knew about the echo problem but wasn't sure what was the cause. In fact, they sent me a replacement phone last week because of the echo; so I would guess they have heard about the problem (at least from me).

    BTW, The echo problems in my case may be more due to VS's spotty (marginal) coverage in my area. They don't have anything to do with using or not using the speakerphone.
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    Received a replacement Treo today. Within 2 minutes of my first call, echo echo echo, screech, echo.

    Totally inhibits the conversation. I don't see how this could be related to signal strength or service provider, as I have had this voicestream account (same SIM card) for > 1 yr without any problems.

    Got to be a hardware issue, especially since so many others report a similar problem. But why doesn't EVERYBODY experience it?

    I have even contemplated that it could be related to the way I am holding the phone. I doubt this is the case, as I can't reproduce it. I am truly discouraged, as I can't carry the ear piece around with me all the time - that would be ridiculous.

    HS techsupport also told me that no one had reported a similar problem. Yeah, right.

    Perhaps the CIA is bugging my phone.
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    Yeah, my success so far with the earbud seems like a pretty good indication that the problem is with the hardware.
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    Ok, some news on the echo. BTW, sorry to be annoying everyone with this issue. I am very glad that not everyone is experiencing the problem.

    Spoke with HS technical support. He could clearly hear the echo and was impressed (remember, the phone I am using is a replacement, and the echo still exists). He also seemed to be fully aware of the problem. His opinion was that it is a hardware issue (not a service provider problem, see previous posts) that needs to be addressed, and the case has been "escalated to a product specialist". I am supposed to get a phone call back with in 24 hrs, probably tomorrow morning.

    Just some rambling on how the conversation went ... The fella was very nice and seemed genuinely concerned. I explained that several people have posted similar complaints. I also said that my intention is not to get another replacement, not to be angry, and not to bad mouth the company or product. I would just like for HS to acknowledge the problem and work diligently to fix it. Of course, if they won't/can't, that the phone is pretty useless, and he agreed.
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    I have problems with echo as well. I received a Treo replacement a few days ago and I will be making lots of calls over this weekend to see if this one has the same defect. If it does then it will have to go back. While I love the form of this machine I have to have decent cell phone quality. I guess I will have to go with a high quality cell phone and use my old visor and visor phone for getting email.

    Back to two devices. Sure hope there is no problem or they come up with a fix.

    Maybe they rushed this to market too quickly.
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    Trey, looking forward to hearing what Handspring has to say to you.

    murphysj, using the earbud to get rid of the echo might be preferable to carting around 2 devices, no?
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    You have a point regarding carrying around two devices but when you pay that much money you expect it to function as it should.

    Had two calls today with no echo. Will be making many more over the next 10 days before final decision to keep.
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    I spoke with HS today about "the echo" problem. They admitted there was a problem and that replacing the phone was of no use. The problem is related to the microphone. That was the word I got. They had no intentions of sending another phone to replace the one I have so that the same problem would happen again.

    The HS support person suggested that the problem was common to all speaker phones. I had to correct him in a big way. I have used speaker phones for years and they work just fine.

    The big dilemma, keep the phone and deal with the echo problem. Try to bail. I fear that if I bail I will go to the dark side and convert to a Windows product. I need a new PDA but don't want to have to deal with the BS I'm presently facing. I love the form factor on the Treo and I love the connectivity potential but HS needs to accept responsibility for their design failures.

    This is a big issue for HS. I think that some us HS fans and early adopters would be willing to deal with the echo but the general public will not tolerate it. There are not enough HS fans and early adopters to float HS if they are banking on the Treo and based on their support of modules I don't see the rest of the Visor line floating them either.
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    Interesting. Very interesting.

    A couple of quick observations. Just got a replacement Treo for problems I was having with the space bar being triggered when I closed the lid. The new device seems to get a stronger signal.

    Talking with my girlfriend on the handset in a 4-bar signal area there was no problem with echo. I was outside and walking. Spoke for 3-5 minutes. Even used speakerphone for about 20 seconds while I was untangling my headset for the drive home.

    At home tonight, where my signal fluctuates from 1-3 bars had no problem with echo when I used my headset. I popped out the headset and she heard echo within seconds.

    A few additional pieces of information:
    Cingular service
    Aftermarket headset (Plantronics M143-N1, it's great)
    New Treo has new ROM versions.

    A few observations:
    - I was always thinking the echo was a network issue. Especially since it worked fine in stronger areas. Now, after reading this thread I'm not so sure.
    - It not being a network issue is a good thing (to me) because I was beginning to think I should have waited to go with Sprint. I've had them for a long time before getting my Treo and they always had good coverage. I thought the problems I was having was with Cingular (something hard to fix) as opposed to Handspring (who is actively working to find a fix)
    - I'm thinking this is something they should be able to fix with a software patch. Granted, I know next to nothing about electronics but I imagine that the way speakerphones work is by clamping down on the mic when the speaker is transmitting. Surely this is software driven? Well, maybe not. What do I know?
    - Personally I prefer the headset as opposed to holding the Treo to my ear. I like having both hands free. So that's a good thing. But the echo is still bad in principle.

    Anyway, here's to hoping our friends at Handspring can get this fixed.
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    I have had the people I talk to complain about echo on their side with both the original and the replacement Treo (without using the speakerphone). Yesterday, for the first time, I heard my own voice echo as well while traveling in my car. Man is that aggravating!

    Nobody seems to be able to pinpoint if the problem is the phone or the wireless carrier service. However, I have seen others mention that they've used the same service with other types of phones without problems.

    I hope someone finds out soon who is responsible for the echo problem. I have about 2 weeks before I have to decide whether I'm going to keep VS and the Treo. As much as I love this thing, I'm 90% leaning towards canceling my service and returning the unit. I'll just have to wait until the CDMA color version comes out so I can use another carrier. Too bad I can't use it with Cingular here in town. I have used their service for years and their coverage is excellent. Unfortunately, they don't offer GSM in my market.
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    I am glad you we are all talking about this issue. Even though it takes a lot of time out of everyone's day, we need to address it agrressively now rather than let it slide. I hate having to double post this discussion here and at TreoMB, but I want to get as much info out of people as possible.

    For the people whom have made extensive use of their Treo (without the headset) and have not experienced the problem, I'd bet you won't ever experience it.

    I only caution that it took me a little more than a week before I noticed it (or rather, before the person I was talking to noticed it). I think this is because I used the earpiece most of the time. After the first person brought it to my attention, I began using the phone wthout the headset more often. Sure enough, the problem became more frequent.

    Two more points.

    1) Some people have mentioned that although they have the problem, they would be willing to deal with it, because they use the headset most of the time and they don't want to give up their Treo.

    I can see their point and somewhat agree. I love the ease of messaging and many other things the Treo does for me. However, I can't even step out of a meeting to make an important call without carrying around a headset. Yesterday I tried to do this, and ended up having to call the person back.

    2) I want to describe the problem in a little more detail. At times, the problem is just a slightly annoying echo that goes away after a few seconds. At other times, the echo is so bad that it inhibits the conversation, and the person reports a loud screeching sound on their end.

    Again, everything sounds good on my end, and as I have mentioned many times, the problem occurs in both strong and weak signal areas, places where I have used my old Nokia on the same VS network countless times with no problems.
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