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    This has happened to me a few times now, and I'm wondering if there's a way to avoid it...

    I don't keep my handsfree earpiece in while driving. So when the phone rings, I answer, and then (if the call is going to be a long one) I'll plug in the handsfree headset. So far, when I've gotten a call on the Treo, I've tried to do this, and when I plug the headset in, the call disconnects. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of a way around it, other than keeping my handsfree set plugged in at all times?
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    I just did this on a call ten minutes ago; no problem.

    I have been disconnected, though, when I closed the cover after plugging in the headset.
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    Yes, this happens to me too. No idea how to avoid it.
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    It's probably a matter of how fast or slow you insert the plug. Since it's a 4 "ring" plug, meaning it has four poles that connect inside the jack to send/receive data, it's possible that while you're putting the headset into the jack, the wrong poles are connecting inside. Since one of the poles controls the mute/answer/hangup/flash function of the phone, it's entirely possible that putting the plug into the jac is registering as a hangup in the Treo.

    Try inserting the plug faster, or slower, and see if doing it one way or the other is more or less likely to result in an erroneous hangup.

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    The same thing happens to me. If I am on a call and the headset is not in place, then I plug in the headset the call disconnects. This happens on my Treo every time. I have not tried to connect slowly. This is a huge annoyance as the speakerphone echo's and the headset disconnects. Thus, leaving me the necessity of having the caller deal with the echo or having to hold the phone while driving.

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