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    I recently upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7 64-bit & discovered that HotSync for a Treo 650 did not work using the Treo USB cable.

    I got it working by following the steps below (which may benefit other Palm users):

    1. I installed the latest HotSync (version 7.0.2) from

    2. I jettisoned the USB cable in favor of a Bluetooth connection. Apparently, there is no Windows 7 64-bit driver for the Treo USB cable. I bought a used Targus USB Bluetooth Adapter on for $11.94 which included shipping.

    (I won’t miss the Treo USB cable which was always temperamental during HotSync—I had to clean the contacts of the cable & Treo every other time I performed a HotSync.)

    3. I had some false starts with the Bluetooth connection which were finally resolved when I checked the ‘Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer’ checkbox in the Windows 7 Bluetooth Settings Options tab dialog box.

    4. HotSync would not synchronize with Microsoft Outlook 2007. Some users reported success after reinstalling Outlook & others reported success using Chapura PocketMirror. I purchased PocketMirror, & the problem was resolved instantly.

    5. I had previously used Dataviz Documents to Go version 7 to view Microsoft Office Excel & Word documents on the Treo. Under Windows 7 & HotSync 7.0.2, HotSync would hang when it attempted to download the DTG files to the Treo. I upgraded DTG to version 11; it worked fine.

    Moral of the story: If you’re upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit, leave the old Treo USB cable & software behind & upgrade to Bluetooth & new versions of software.
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    As of 4/11/2011 there are 64bit drivers available from Aceeca. You will need to install the palm desktop then download the driver from the Aceeca website. Unzip it and manually install in device manager. If you do not know how to do this there is a good description and links to the driver at the Palm Support Community forum in the windows hotsync section under 64bit drivers are here.
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    Dear Palm Users

    WOW !!!

    I can now HotSync my Palm Centro to my Win7 LapTop!!!
    All of it .... Photos, Calendar, Notes, Addresses / Phone#'s Etc!!!

    WOW !!!

    I'm so happy ... I decided to write up a complete "HOW_TO" document, to help persons like you to be able to do the same. You will be happy also!!

    This is my way of "contributing back" .... for the many Resources, Forums, WebPages, SoftWare (Open Source & otherwise), I use daily on Internet.

    Also my way of saying thank you to following persons / organizations:
    A) Thank you for originally coding the needed HotSync 64bid Vista & Win7 Drivers.
    B) Thank you (again) for making these drivers Internet available for free download.
    C) Thanks to who-ever it was that a) Discovered the Aceeca Drivers, b) Realized their application to (urgently needed by users of all) Palm Devices HotSync Drivers for 64bid Vista & Win7 computers, and then c) Posted their discovery, for the whole world to use!!
    D) And finally thanks to WyerNut, of for his moderation of all those Palm Forums, and having discovered the Aceeca Drivers, installed them on his Windows Vista. and then.took the time to post his own"HOW_TO"!! (A copy of which I have incorporated, with links, into my Win7 "HOW_TO" document, link below.)
    E) Thank you all!!

    TITLE: My Procedure for Successful Installation of Palm HotSync Driver On Vista & Win7 OS Computer. This Driver Is For a HotSync of Many (?Most?) Palm Hand Held Devices (Older Palm-PDA's, Centro, Treo, etc), To The So-Called “Palm DeskTop”.

    To HotSync many (?most?) PalmOS or HP/PalmWebOS Devices to 64bit Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, you can sucessfully use the needed hardware drivers from However, getting them installed is not "an automatic". You will have to do the install yourself, step by step. If you need guidance, please click on the link below, to use my "Complete Palm HotSync Aceeca Driver Installation Guide":

    Caution: The Aceeca drivers are most certainly good for more recent PalmWebOS devices. And according to various Palm forums, there are statements that these drivers also work for the older PalmOS devices. The Aceeca TroubleShootGuide, talks about Hotsync ACEECA Palm OS 4.x or Garnet OS 5.x device, in ways that the driver will work on these devices:

    HOWEVER, I have not tried this, and only seen a few reports of success by others. Concerning Aceeca Drivers, one report says " 64bit driver works with palm os4 and os5 smartphones and pda's"

    So, if you have the time to experiment, give it a try and let me know. Thanks

    If you like my Guide (or notice needed corrections / improvements) could you please drop me a line!!

    Sincerely Henry Gurr
    HenryG ___ .


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